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Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2007

Sugababes News

I'm so excited about this new tracks from the new Sugababes LP. The tracks are "Never Gonna Dance Again", "Denial", "Change" and "Surprise". The first track is a great Xenomania production, which remembers me of "Ace Reject" from the "Taller In More Ways" album. Great Vocals and nice beat. Amelle rocks this track. The song "Change" has been produced by genius William Orbit. It's the 2nd single form the album. It's a midtempo song with a catchy rocky chorus. Love that oen too. "Denial" is also an uptempo tune. I think it's a grower, cause i like the live version more. The voices of the babes has been remade my computer, but also a good track. Last but not least "Surprise", a great Pop song with a nice melody. Heidi shows awesome vocals on it. This album will rule the world.

I made this music playlist at MyFlashFetish.com.

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Chris hat gesagt…

Thanks for posting, great songs.