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Samstag, 13. Oktober 2007

New Angie Stone LP

Soul singer Angie Stone will be back with her new album "The Art Of Love & War". These are amazing new, cause I like her stuff alot. Her latest album "Stone Love" is really amazing. The album will hit the stores on the 16th october.

1. "Take Everything In"
2. "Baby" (featuring Betty Wright)
3. "Here We Go Again"
4. "Make It Last"
5. "Sometimes"
6. "Go Back to Your Life"
7. "Half a Chance"
8. "These Are the Reasons"
9. "My People" (featuring James Ingram)
10. "Sit Down"
11. "Play with It"
12. "Pop Pop"
13. "Wait for Me"
14. "Happy Being Me" (featuring Pauletta Washington)

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