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Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

"Good Girl Gone Bad" Review

Umbrella (feat. Jay-z) [10/10]
The Summer Hit 2007!!! Great new tune by R’n’B singer Rihanna. The beat is very new for Rihanna, but this new style fits her very well. The chorus is hot! “Under my umbrella Ella Ella Ey Ey”. Love the slow bridge at the end of the song and the fading “It’s raining, oh Baby it’s raining”. C. “Tricky” Stewart (Mya, Britney Spears) did a great job with this song.

Push Up On Me [7/10]
This Jonathan Rotem (Destiny’s Child, Sean Kingston) production is a great R’n’B track. The beat is very electro influenced. The chorus is great with her high pitched vocals. Like the differences between the slow verses and the fast chorus.

Don’t Stop The Music [10/10]
The 2nd single from “Good Girl Gone Bad” here in europe. This is the perfect fusion of electro and R’n’B music. I’m so glad that she releases this one as a single. The beat rises and then explodes in the chorus. This track has been produced by Stargate (Beyonce, Jojo) and they save Rihanna another great hit.

Breakin’ Dishes [10/10]
This is another great C. Stewart (B2k, Ginuwine) production. I love the part “I ain't twisted, I ain't demented, Well just a lil bit”. The producer creates an amazing beat, which fits very good to Rihanna’s vocals. I hope that she releases this one as her next single.

Shut Up And Drive [8/10]
This is the song with the most rockish beat on the whole album. It’s the 2nd single in the USA. Can’t get enough of the song. The best part is the bridge So if you feel me let me know, know, know, Come on now what you waiting for, for, for, My engine's ready to explode, splode, splode, So start me up and watch me go, go, go, go”. The track is a production by Evan Rogers & Carl Sturken (Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson).

Hate That I Love You (feat. Ne-Yo) [8/10]
This collabo with songwriter Ne-Yo is one of my favourite ballade from Rihanna. Great vocals with a nice beat, which remembers me of Ne-Yo’s “Sexy Love”. Think this song shows that Rihanna has an amazing voice. Stargate (Lionel Richie, Mis-teeq) made another great slow jam.

Say it [4/10]
It’s a nice pop track by producer Neo da Matrix (Cassidy, Jadakiss). The beat sounds very China influenced. Don’t listen to this one so often. Album Filler!!!

Sell Me Candy [7/10]
Timbaland (Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake) himself put his hands on this track. The beat is so great with the guy screaming in the background. Lyrics are very cool “Sell Me candy like the summer when it's meltin' in my hands, I know when you're around like the ice cream man, I can hear you callin' whisper somethin' in my ear”.

Lemme Get That [9/10]
Think that this track could be on her first album. It remembers me of her song “Let Me”. It’s another Timbaland (Aaliyah, Alicia Keys) production. The beat is so sick with the trumpets and the great baseline. Also the lyrics are very cool “I got a house, but I need new furniture,
Why spend mine when I could spend yours”. Amazing track.

Rehab [9/10]
This is a great masterpiece by singer Justin Timberlake (Macy Gray) and Timbaland (Brandy, Missy Elliot). Timbaland can also create great ballades. The beat is very simple with the tambourine in the background. Very beautiful song and Rihanna shows good vocals on it.

Question Existing [5/10]
It’s a nice slow jam by Shea Taylor (Lee Ryan). The beat fits well with the slow singing of Rihanna. It’s good but nothing innovating. Rihanna speaks the bridge.

Good Girl Gone Bad [8/10]
I love the guitar melody of this song. Stargate (Mario, Elliot Yamin) did another great joint on this record. The chorus is very catchy with Rihanna’s harmonic vocals. Nice One!

Cry [6/10] (UK Bonus Track)
Sounds very similar to “Unfaithful” with the piano melody. Rihanna shows good vocals on it. I Like “Unfaithful” more, but it’s okay for a bonus track.

Result [7,5/10]
In my opinion “Good Girl Gone Bad“is her best album to date. Great productions by mega producers like Timbaland, Stargate and C. Stewart. This album contains many possible singles. Some songs could have been left, but all in all it’s an amazing R’n’B record.

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Chris hat gesagt…

would have given it a listen had I not been so appalled by the omnipresence of Umbrella-ella-ella, yuck