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Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007

Introducing Sunshyne

After two top 5 hits, "On My Knees" and "Dumb" along with the album "Between The Sheets" The 411 are back, regrouped and reformed. Tanya and Tisha, founding members of The 411, are back with two new members Daizy and Nuala along with groups new name "Sunshyne". The four young women radiate confidence, style an warmth as well as individual sophistication. Their music is an eclectic mix of Pop, R'n'B, Dance, Hazz, Soul, Motown and Rock creating a sound that will suit any occasion meaning you will always want a bit of Sunshyne where ever you may be.

Wish them all the best. I love The 411 from the beginning. The whole album is amazing, so bad that the have been dropped by their label. On the link below you can listen to a new song by "Sunshyne". The Song is called "Give Him Up" and it sounds very good.

Listen to "Give Him Up" here

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