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Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007

"Change" Review

About You Now [9/10]
This track is pure fire! A catchy chorus combinated with stunning vocals and a nice electro pop beat creates another great pop track made by the Sugababes. This up-tempo song is a catchy tune like past hit “Push The Button” or “Hole In The Head”. Great lyrics like “Don’t our kiss be our last” makes this song a great pop song. Dr. Luke did a great job at this joint, I want him to do more songs with the Babes.

Never Gonna Dance Again [10/10]
Wow! “Ace Reject” Round 2! This song opens with Amelle’s verse. Her voice fits the melody so good. Also Heidi’s rocks the bridge at the end with the lyrics ”There is nothing that you can do for me Mr. DJ”. This is a Xenomania production at its best. Can’t get enough of this song. The happy melody with the sad lyrics of breaking a relationship is an amazing idea. This song is potential single material.

Denial [6/10]
Expect something more from this track after hearing the live version. The voices have been too reworked by computers. The vocals are too deep. The beat is sick, very rockfish but with some nice noises in the background. The verses are catchier than the chorus. Love the lyrics of the verses “Somewhere in the back of my mind, secretly I know you will find, Way amongst the blushing and glow, Teach me all the things I don't show”.

My Love Is Pink [10/10]
Another amazing Xenomania production!!!!! The song starts very slow with a guitar in the background and suddenly a great electro beat appears. The chorus is an earworm, which will in your brain for years! The division is like the one in “Round Round” 1st verse Amelle, 2nd verse Keisha, bridge Heidi. Hope that this one will be a single.

Change [7/10]
This will be the 2nd single from the album. The track has been produced by William Orbit. The vocals are so beautiful particularly with regard to Amelle. The melody is very rockfish in the chorus, which is a contrast to the harmonious melody in the verses. The chorus is very catchy.

Back When [9/10]
Very nice mid-tempo song! The song starts with a sweet “Do Da Do Da Do” like that part. The lyrics of the chorus are so stunning “Back when, we used to talk about anything now it seems you're not listening when I'm not so caught up and usual and summertime it’s just not the same,
what happened to the love back when”. Keisha and Amelle did a great job at the bridge.

Surprise [6/10]
Cool good mood pop track. I love the lyrics “Yeah, my prides still intact, No danger of that
it must hurt to know you're wrong”. The beat is also very electro pop like. Think this one is a typical album track. Heidi is great at her bridge.

Back Down [9/10]
Oh my god! Sugababes meets Amy Winehouse!!! This is a song you could except from UK singer Amy Winehouse. This beat is very instrumental R’n’B like. It fits well with the slow sexy vocals of the Babes. Love the end of the song where Heidi sings over the chorus.

Mended By You [8/10]
This joint has the best vocals on the album. The melody is only at the background. The focus is most on the vocals. What a beautiful song. The breathing vocals of the Babes will get you goose pimples. I could see it as the last single from the album.

Open The Door [9/10]
This is another catchy tune of the album. The beat is a nice mix of guitar and tambourine. Love the chorus “We ain't got that closeness, like we had it before, Baby open the door”. A nice change comes at the bridge where Keisha’s vocals are attended with a good mixed “Oh Oh Oh Oh”.

Undignified [5/10]
This one is a normal album track. Nothing special, but not bad at all. Like the lyrics” Swollen eyes
know better to let you see them now my wasted heart, Will never learn to drive the demon down”. Think this song is a album filler.

3 Spoons Of Sugar [9/10] (UK Bonus Track)
This song remembers me of a fast version of “In Recline”. Amelle rocks this song with her 2nd verse. Also the chorus will get you with catchy lyrics like “I need three spoons of sugar
And a glass full of liquor to get over you, Gimme something in my coffee, Gimme thrills, take my money, can't get over you”. Love that track!!!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Result [9/10]
This album is a masterpiece of pop music. Sugababes did another great job. Catchy tunes, stunning vocals and thoughtful lyrics are typical for this Sugababes LP. It deserves it’s place in every CD-collection. Make sure to get this CD when it will be release.

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