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Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007

New Britney Tracks

Some new stuff by Mrs. Spears goes around through the internet. The songs are called "Get Back","Sugarfall", "Body & Soul", "Let Go" and "Love Is A State Of Grace". I very like the first three tracks. The other ones are Ok. The "Sugarfall" track is a collaboration with Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams (Gwen Stefani, Faith Evans). "Get Back" was produced by Nate Hills (Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake), love this track it's the best one of this bunch. Some tracks are demos so the quality is not so good. Her album "Blackout" will hit the stores on the 13th of November.

I made this music playlist at MyFlashFetish.com.

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