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Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2007

Jennifer Lopez got brave on new album

Now it's time for Mrs. Lopez next studio album, which is called "Brave". The followup single is "Do It Well", a great party banger with great beats and nice vocals. J. Lo got nice musician worked on this album like Bloodshy & Avant (Christina Millian, Sugababes), Jonathan Rotem (Paris Hilton, LeToya Luckett). I like the album more than the older ones. Here is the tracklist....
1. Stay Together
2. Forever
3. Hold It Don't Drop It
4. Do It Well
5. Gotta Be There
6. Never Gonna Give Up
7. Mile In These Shoes
8. The Way It Is
9. Be Mine
10. I Need Love
11. Wong When You're Gone
12. Brave
13. Do It Well (feat. Ludacris)

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