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Sonntag, 30. März 2008

New All Saints Album

It has been announced by AATW records that the girls from All Saints are back in the studios recording songs with an album coming in the end of 2008. AAAAMMMAAAAAZZZZIIINNNGGGGG News! There are a really talented band and i hope they make a better comeback., even tough i love the "Studio 1" album. Musical Confession wishes the girls all the best for their upcoming album.

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Samstag, 29. März 2008

Michelle Williams News

Michelle Williams will be releasing her new album titled Unexpected this summer! The album includes her brand new single "We Break the Dawn" which will be premiering on People.com on Monday, March 31st. Make sure to listen out for her explosive new sound.

Wow! Really like her new style. Can't wait to hear some new stuff from her. She has a brilliant voice. Now she can jump out of the shadow of Beyonce & Kelly.

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New Will.I.Am Video

Here is the video for hit producer Will.I.Am's new single "Heartbreaker". The song and video features Girls Aloud Member Cheryl Cole. The song is a nice one, but the video looks very cheap. The whole "Songs About Girls" project was a totally flop. Very bad cause I really enjoy some of his tracks. This shows how the choice of the singles can ruin the album sales.

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Freitag, 28. März 2008

New Alicia Keys Single

It has been announced that "Teenage Love Affair" will be Alicia's 3rd single from her amazing album "As I Am". Think it's a really nice song and a good single choice, enough tough there are many other good tracks, which deserves to be release.

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Leona In The USA

Leona Lewis is the 1st singer after a 20 years period to break the american charts on the pole position as a non-american singer. Her song "Bleeding Love" is a world smash hit and i'm so happy she gets so much success with it. This shows the greatness of european music. Maybe it has now some more chances to break all over the world.

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Mittwoch, 26. März 2008

Sugababes Rumours

Rapper TIMBALAND has vowed to give British pop band SUGABABES a musical makeover after he was introduced to the group while working with MADONNA and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.
The Apologize hitmaker met the girlband when he was producing Madonna's latest single with Timberlake at a London recording studio and got chatting to the singers during meal breaks. Sugababes star Amelle Berrabah is delighted to have been approached by the 37-year-old, but was disappointed not to have bumped into the Like A Virgin hitmaker. She says, "Timberland (is) keen on us. He actually asked us to do stuff with him before. We ended up spending a lot of time with him and Justin last year.
We'd have lunch and dinner together in between recordings. "They were great company - very funny. We couldn't get any Madonna goss out of them, though. "They were secretive about her new music. I knew she was with them but I never saw her."

The source of this article is contactmusic.com, which also wrote sometimes real crap. So don't take this info so serious, but it would be so damn awesome to see the Babes working with Timbaland. They can do big! Timbaland needs a creative head at his side and the Babes would be great with him in my opinion.

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Michelle Branch News

This has been posted on the Michelle Branch forum by herself...Check it out!!!

Welcome everyone!!

Thanks for stopping by.

I've started working on the new album a few weeks ago and it's great to have a place where I can come and keep you posted (literally!)
I've got a ton of songs already and everything has kinda found it's own sound. I don't know what to call it.
I'll let you guys decide. I'm hoping to let you hear bits and pieces as we get further along.

It's been so long since I've been just plain MB. I'm so excited I can't even tell you.
Rumor has it, I'll be out on the road starting as early as February with the album being released shortly after that. I can't wait to get out and not only play new songs but also play so many old songs I haven't had the chance to play over the last few years.

Thanks for the love and support.
Be well.

Sounds good! I really enjoy her music. My fave track is the song "Game Of Love" she did with guitar legend Santana.

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Rihanna Meets One Republic

Onerepublic frontman Ryan Tedder has offered to pen tracks for R& B superstar Rihanna - after labelling the Umbrella star the next Britney Spears. ( FF )
The Apologize singer, who has written smash hits for Natasha Bedingfield and Leona Lewis, is sure he can work his musical magic for the Bajan beauty after she declared her admiration for his work in an elevator.
He says, "She (Rihanna) actually approached me in an elevator in New York about a month or two ago and she was like, 'I'm such a fan of your music,' and I said exactly the same thing, so we were like, 'Well let's do something.'" "I'm gonna try and deliver a couple of hits. She's the new Britney Spears".

This sounds amazing and I can't wait to her the final song. Ryan Tedder is a genius, what he did on "Bleeding Love" is great. Think they will create a new "Unfaithful".

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Dienstag, 25. März 2008

Pool Results

So the winner of the last pool is the amazing TV show "Desperate Housewives", which got 33 % of all votes. I also vote for this one, cause it's the best show i have ever seen. I'm watching the 4th season at the moment and i love it. Make sure to vote for the next pool.

Montag, 24. März 2008

Introducing Alphabeat

Alphabeat is a Danish pop band from Silkeborg signed to Copenhagen Records in Denmark. Their Danish debut single "Fascination" was a major hit in Denmark during the summer of 2007.
Think this song gets your mood on the top. Really like it. Maybe you have known them before, but i get to know them a few days ago through the radio. Here is the video for this amazing pop song.

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Mittwoch, 19. März 2008

New Keyshia Cole

Producers Polow Da Don, Nephew, Scott Storch and others are among the producers that have started working with Keyshia Cole on her untitled third CD, which is due in stores around Christmas. Cole, who recently hit the studio to record a track titled “I Got a Thang For You” with Trina, has also officially launched Imani Entertainment, which will release the debut album by R&B singer Amina.
This sounds amazing, cause here last album is amazing. So great to see her getting so much success.

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New Paris Hilton LP

MTV confirms that Paris Hilton wants to go more dance on her second album. She told the reporters that she enjoys Bob Sinclairs music. Sounds very intresting. I really like some of her songs. Maybe she gets another hit like "Stars Are Blind".

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New Collabo between Fergie & Nelly

Finally we can listen to the new song "Party People" by the Dutchess Fergie and rapper Nelly. This song is really great i love the beat and the lyrics are very catchy. Don't know if Fergie puts this song on her re-release, too. Only time will show. Enjoy!

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New Mariah Carey Cover

Here is the cover for Mariah's new album "E"=MC²". Think it's a nice one, but i liked the album cover of her last LP "Emancipation Of Mimi" more. This album will be big and i really enjoy "Touch My Body". Enjoy!!!

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Sonntag, 16. März 2008

New Goldfrapp Single

Here is the brand new cover for Goldfrapp's new second single from their album "Seventh Tree". The choose the song "Happiness" as the next single and i'm so happy with this one cause it's my fave joint on this album. can't wait to hear the video. Enjoy!

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Samstag, 15. März 2008

New Madonna Cover

Here is the new cover for Madonnas upcoming album "Hard Candy". Think it looks nice and much better than the "4 Minutes" cover. The album includes productions by Timbaland (Rihanna, Flo-rida) and Pharrell Williams (Britney Spears, Kelis). Can't wait to hear this LP.

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Donnerstag, 13. März 2008

New Britney Spears Video

Here is the awful new Brintey cartoon video. Can't believe she contiunes her bad way of promoting her singles. Thought that the "Piece Of Me" was good and she starts to be professional again, but seems the greatness of Mrs. Spears are history. The video is very cheap, cause it has nothing to do with the song. Very Bad! :(

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Mittwoch, 12. März 2008

New Kelly Clarkson album

Seems like the "Breakaway" singer will be get her comeback this year. Have a look at this infos, which goes through the internet...

Tedder, who co-wrote and produced Leona Lewis's number one hit 'Bleeding Love', told DS that Clarkson's new songs will feature "big choruses" and "heavy drum programming".
He also revealed that the songs are influenced by nineties electro-rockers Garbage, while one song, a mid-tempo rock ballad, features an experimental bridge inspired by Mozart.
Clarkson reportedly clashed with her record label over the musical direction of her last album, 2007's My December, after Sony BMG chief Clive Davis deemed it less commercial than her previous releases.

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Introducing Red Blooded Women

Red Blooded Women are a girlband from the UK, who makes very nice pop music. I found them through the site popjustice.com. You can listen to some songs on their Myspace site. Hope you like them too.

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Red Blooded Women Myspace

New Danity Kane Video

Here is the brand new video for Diddy's girlband Danity Kane. I really enjoy the track "Damaged", after a few listens. But the video is so booooring. The girl looks good, but the video is nothing special. Can't wait to hear more stuff from their upcoming album "Welcome To The Dollhouse". Enjoy!

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Dienstag, 11. März 2008

New Roisin Video

Here is the new video for Roisin Murphy's new single " You Know Me Better". It remembers me a bit of "Desperate Housewives" with the typical location in a family house. The video is nothing special but i like the song. Hope you like it, too.

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Montag, 10. März 2008

Pool Results

The winner of the last pool with 45 % of all Votes is Ex-Sugababes Mutya Buena. You voted for her as your fave Sugababes. She is also my choice. She is so sweet, when she waved to me at a concert in Cologne. Hope that she gets a new record deal soon. Make sure to vote for the next pool, but it has nothing to do with music this time.

Donnerstag, 6. März 2008

New Sugababes Commercial

Here is the brand new commercial Sugababes did for the shoe mark "Deichmann". They uses a nice remix of "Denial" for the TV commercial. The girls look at their best. Think this will help to promote the song a bit.

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New Janet Video

Here is the new video for Janet's new single "Rock With U". Really enjoy the song with the nice chill out vibe. Also the video is amazin. She did a cool choreography. The clip remembers me a bit of the "All Nite" video, cause of the location. Hope she gets much success with this track. Enjoy!

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Dienstag, 4. März 2008

10000 Visiters

Wow! Great to see the blog rises the 10000+ mark. Hope that you people like my blog and tell ur frieds about it. Maybe you can leave some feedback, which new features you want to see on the blog. Also i would like to see some more comments on the posts, so i can see that i report about the right people. Have a nice day!!!

Ur Timbo

Sonntag, 2. März 2008

New Zascha Moktan Video

Here is the brand new single "Like U Do" from german soul singer Zascha Moktan. I really enjoy her music. It has a fresh new retro style and the video underlines her own style. Think this will do good on the charts. Can't wait to hear her album, which will release soon. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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