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Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008

Swizz Beatz Goes Sophomore

Swizz the rapper is still in full swing as well. He just leaked a record called "Hard Knocks" with Drag-On. It's the first offering from Beatz's upcoming follow-up to One Man Band Man.

"Everybody is expecting 'It's Me...' or 'Money in the Bank,' " he said. "I just want to use my opportunity to get a little more serious in the artist department, as a performer and lyricist. Not giving a f--- about radio and all that. I just want to give hip-hop something that's not on the radio. A lot of the songs I got can blend in on the radio, but 'School of Hard Knocks' don't blend in with nothing on the radio. I'm already in full mode. What they want me to do? Let's get it. I'm busting shots early — bong, bong!

"The title is between Life After the Party and Remember Hip-Hop," he continued. "I'm in between them. I don't even have a date on my joint. I'm just feeling out the scene."

Also still up in the air whether Swizz will release his project on Universal Records again.

Hope that she makes a better album not like his last LP, cause i love the tracks he produces for other artists (JoJo, Gwen Stefani), but his own songs are not so good.

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