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Samstag, 26. Januar 2008

New Keyshia Cole Single

Keyshia told Dallas Radio Station KKDA 104.3 that once she finishes touring next month she will begin working on her 4th single and music video which will be "Didn't I Tell You" Featuring Oakland native Too $hort.

She went on to say how she wanted this to be the 2nd single but then she changed it to "Shoulda Let You Go" and she said she did "I Remember" because it was the fans favorite so she knew she had to release it next. She will def shoot a video for the single and said she gonna make it hot.

Think its a great single choice. I really enjoy her new album "Just Like You" with her singles "Let It Go" and "Shoulda Let You Go". Great to see her having much succes, thought she was in the past very underrated.

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