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Samstag, 19. Januar 2008

Amy Goes Jamacain

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is heading back to Jamaica for inspiration on her third album, it has been revealed.
The ‘Rehab’ singer, 24, is to stay in the grounds of reggae legend Bob Marley’s house - and work in the studio of his old house for the follow-up to her hugely successful Back To Black CD
According to reports, the singer told pals earlier this week that she is planning to work with Bob Marley’s son, Damian - who like his late father, is also a musician.
Amy said: “I love Jamaica and wanna feel Bob Marley’s spirit when it comes to my music.
“I wanna stay where he lived and hook up with Damian because he’s a genius. I’m desperate to get over there.” The singer has only just returned from a New Year’s break in the Caribbean, and is planning ahead for her trip to the island at Easter.
An onlooker in the pub told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Amy’s face just lit up when she talked about going over there.
“She’s well into reggae music and wants to escape all her troubles back home for a bit and just throw herself into her music. She’s always loved the Marleys and she wants her next album to have a real reggae feel about it.”
Another pub goer added: “They were deep in in conversation, gossiping about the boys everyone used to fancy.
“They kept hugging each other and shouting at the tops of their voices: “Big up Brits School.”

Sounds very intresting. Hope that she creates such a great record like "Back To Black". Think she should stay down to earth and cool down with drugs. LOL!!!^^

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