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Samstag, 31. Mai 2008

Introducing Annie

Anne Lilia Berge Strand (born November 21, 1978 in Trondheim, Norway), better known by her stage name Annie, is a pop artist and DJ from Bergen, Norway. She first earned recognition in 1999, when her single "The Greatest Hit", which samples Madonna's "Everybody", became an underground club hit in Norway and Britain. In 2003, Annie was signed to 679 Recordings and met British producer Richard X, with whom she wrote and recorded "Chewing Gum." Her debut album Anniemal was released in 2004. The album was well-received by bloggers and critics. Her second album Don't Stop is scheduled for release in July 2008 on Island Records.

I really liek the song "I Know Ur Girlfriends Hates Me". Also the video is very great. Can't wait to hear more stuff from this pop artist.

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