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Sonntag, 20. April 2008

New Dido Album

Check out this article I found on the internet. Sounds very intresting and I can't wait to hear new material from the "Life For Rent"-singer:

"Recording sessions have been held at London`s Abbey Road and at Jon Brion's home studio in Los Angeles. (“I recorded my vocals next to the hoover in Jon’s broom cupboard. It was so small, there wasn’t even room for a guitar: I got quite addicted to singing in there.” said Dido for an interview in the Q october issue). The status of the album is still "in-production" as Dido continues studio work on it with her brother Rollo in London, England.
Some songs to be included in this album are: It Comes And It Goes, The Day Before, Never Want To Say It's Love, Look No Further, the grief-sticken Grafton Street (Brian Eno) and there might be a song called Never Far From Home.
Dido's official website has been relaunched to coincide with the release of the album, and Sony BMG says 'Dido is coming back. She is currently in the studio creating her third album due out soon (more details to follow)'.
The release of the album has been postponed several times due to Dido`s father`s death in December 2006. The album is now due September 23, 2008 according to direct-current.net."

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