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Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

New Madonna Single

I'm very happy to announce that "Miles Away" is the third single from Madonna's amazing album "Hard Candy". The song is so perfect, very radio friendly and it stucks in your ears for hours. Great chorus and great vocals. It's so suprise that it gets release as a single. Their is no video concept right now.

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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

Song Of The Week

I want to get a new category for my blog. It's called "Song Of The Week". I choose my fave track i'm listening to at the moment. So let's begin....

Today's song of the week is called "When You Touch My Body" by dance duo Freemasons. You know them for the remixes they did for Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Solange. I have to say that this is brilliant. It's such a good mood party track. I can't get enough of it. They video is also very nice! Make sure to get the song for the next week, too.

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2008

New Pink News

It's official - P!nk is back in a big way and we're really excited! You heard the rumours that she was back in the studio laying down tracks for a new album...and guess what...the rumours were true! The new single, 'So What' will hit your radio waves later this summer so keep your eyes and ears open for more news on that. That'll be followed by the brand new album, tentativly titled 'Human Condition', which is set for release on October 27th!

The new album reunites the talented star with several of her previous collaborators including Max Martin and Dave Meyers. 'So What' was co-written by P!nk and produced by Max Martin, who successfully collaborated with her on the massive hit singles, 'Who Knew' and 'U + Ur Hand'. Meyers has been tapped to direct the video for 'So What'. P!nk previously worked with him on the videos for 'U + Ur Hand' and 'Stupid Girls', which earned an MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video.

1. So What
2. Comin' Down
3. Should've Never
4. Take Your Time
5. Burnt
6. Read Between The Lines
7. Dream Sellers
8. Another Hit
9. Smoke and Mirrors
10. Deja Vu
11. Sex On My Sleeve
12. The Un-Love Song
13. Human Condition

Don't know if the tracklist is true. Think this album will be great, but it's hard to get the level of "I'm Not Dead", cause it's one of my all fave albums ever.

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Montag, 28. Juli 2008

New Craig David Single

So here is a new great track from R&B singer Craig David. The song is from his official myspace site. It's a oriental flavoured track. It's really great, totally fresh new sound from him. This is a song for the clubs. It's been said that he wants to release a Greatest Hits record. We will see!!!

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Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

New Katy Perry Single

So the next single from the "I Kissed A Girl" singer is called "Hot n Cold" which is a great track from her debut album "One Of The Boys". The song is a mix of pop & rock. The chorus is very catchy. But the album shows many more possible singles, one of them is the track "One Of The Boys". She is so taltend. Go Girl!!!

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New Danity Kane Video

Here is the video for Danity Kane's next single "Bad Girl". The song features Missy herself. The song is hot like the video. It's much better than the video for "Damage". The video includes cartoon like scenes. The girls looks very good and the video will helps to promote the song.

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Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2008

New Taio Cruz Video

after a long waiting we got the new Taio Cruz video for his single "She's Like A Star". The song samples some parts of Corinne Bailey Rae's song "Like A Star". Very great song and the video looks good too. His album "Depature" is a masterpiece of R&B. Great to see some creative minds in the music buisness.

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Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

New Rihanna Video

Here is the video for Rihanna's next single "Disturbia". WOW!!!! This is such an amazing video. I love it to death. This is her best video ever. She wears very scary dresses and the whole location looks a bit Adam's family like. It fits the song perfectly. This will helps to promote the song on TV! It reminds me a bit of the "Son Of The Gun" video by Janet Jackson.

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Montag, 21. Juli 2008

New Amy Winehouse Single

I found the video for Amy Winehouse song "Just Friends" today. I was very suprised, cause i don't even know that it's a single choice. The song is very nice and the video looks good, too. I hope that she gets her life in the right lane. I really love her music and i think she has still much potential.

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New Duffy Single

So the next single from soul singer Duffy is the great song "Stepping Stone". It's a very beautiful song with amazing vocals. At first I don't like her album, but after a few listens i like it. Hope she gets much success worldwide. She is so unique!!!!

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New Lady Gaga Song

Here is a new song from newcomer Lady Gaga called "Love Games". She is getting really successfull with her single "Just Dance". The new song is a really great pop tune, with good vocals and great beats. Her album "The Fame" comes out this year. Think it will be huge. Love it how she mixes pop, R&B and electro music.

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Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

New Nikka Costa Album

Here is a message from Nikka Costa herself, talking about her upcoming album. I'm looking forward to this record. She is really a great artist...

And I couldn't be more excited for you guys to hear it! We recorded it over march and april this year here in l.a. and I gotta say it has felt so good to "get my soul on"!
I got to make the record without any suits getting in the way, made a record I am really proud of, signed with Stax and now I'm in rehearsals for these couple-a shows coming up!
What a year so far! The record is called "Pebble To A Pearl" and is s'posed to come out September 23rd…
But we are gonna be playing a lot of the new tunes at these upcoming shows and of course getting down and as dirty as possible so hope to see y'all there for the sneakiest of peaks!

Peace in the middle east


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New Ciara Single

SO finally here is the new Ciara single "High Price". I heard it before but i want to show it to my readers in good quality. The song features Ludacris, which is a great collba like her last song "Oh". The track is very special, but i'm so into this track. Good to see her doing something different. But i think this will do not so good on the charts. Mhhh time will tell. Go Girl you rock our world!!!!

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New Ne-Yo Single

So after the amazing single "Closer" Ne-Yo is ready to release his second single from his upcoming album "Year Of The Gentleman", which gets its release in a few months. The 2nd single is called "Miss Independent" and it's a really great R&B track. I think this album will be huge, can't wait to hear it.

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Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

Pool Results

So the winner of the pool for the most waiting comeback goes to the "Pussycat Dolls" with 58 % of all votes. I'm really excited to hear their upcoming album "Doll Domination". The single "When I Grow Up" is a big club banger and i really enjoy listening to this song. This year will be gib for the Dolls. Make sure to vote for the next pool.

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2008

New Alicia Keys Video

Another video for today is the next single "Superwoman" from soul singer Alicia Keys. The video is so great. Love it how Alicia switches in many different roles of woman. She looks very pretty in the video. The video underlines the nice message of the song. Very strong video for a strong song!!!!!!

By the way this is the 300th post on my blog!!!! ;)

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New Keri Hilson Video

Here is the new video for Keri Hilson's debut single "Energy". I really love this song, but the video is very poor. I don't like the whole Boxing theme. It don't fit the message of the song so good. I would like to see a more dramatic video. Hope she gets success with this track, cause it's brilliant.

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New Lily Allen Song

We got another great song from Lily Allen. The song is called "Who'd Of Known" and it's a beautiful ballad. Don't know if this song get to the final tracklist for her upcoming album. This is one of her strongest slow jams she has ever created. Great Job Lily. I love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Montag, 14. Juli 2008

New Estelle Single

According to Music Week, "Pretty Please (Love Me)" is the fourth single from Estelle's "Shine" album. It's currently set for a 15th September release. I think this is a really good choice for her next single, this song has such a great feeling. Love the vocals and the arragement. I hope she releases "Shine" after this one.

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New Michelle Williams Songs

Here are two new songs from ex-Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams. The songs are called "Hungover" and "Private Party". The are very nice....great vocals and nice beats. My fave one is "Hungover", cause it has this amazing beat a la Rich Harrison. Can't wait to hear here next solo record "Unexpected".

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