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Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

New Nikka Costa Album

Here is a message from Nikka Costa herself, talking about her upcoming album. I'm looking forward to this record. She is really a great artist...

And I couldn't be more excited for you guys to hear it! We recorded it over march and april this year here in l.a. and I gotta say it has felt so good to "get my soul on"!
I got to make the record without any suits getting in the way, made a record I am really proud of, signed with Stax and now I'm in rehearsals for these couple-a shows coming up!
What a year so far! The record is called "Pebble To A Pearl" and is s'posed to come out September 23rd…
But we are gonna be playing a lot of the new tunes at these upcoming shows and of course getting down and as dirty as possible so hope to see y'all there for the sneakiest of peaks!

Peace in the middle east


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